GMO's and You

Are you sick of hearing about GMO's?  Is it just too much to worry about when there are so many other things going on in your life that you need to manage? Or maybe it's too confusing to understand, and especially with industry-paid-for ads and spokespeople (which can run the gamut between CEO's to researchers to science journalists, to politicians to everyday farmers) are telling you, "No worries, everything's fine, it's all safe, those other people are just crazy environmentalists!"  I get it. Seriously, between clients, classes, workshops, managing a home and family, and paying bills, it's hard for me to manage it all and still handle the informational overload every day to keep up with holistic health and fitness knowledge for my clients.  I am so grateful for sources that can help me understand difficult topics in a short amount of time, so today I present so today I present this short piece from Lisa Van, the 5-minute Molecular Biologist, . In 5 minutes you'll know WHY you should be concerned and HOW to be more proactive in your own kitchen to start a healthier life.

From my extensive research and political activism on this issue, I believe this is one of the most important topics of our time that is affecting the health of our soil, our food supply, and our families. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of monied interests in support of GMO's and influencing our national policy, so it’s important to not only make our opinions known but also to make the changes in our own households, using our consumer power.   

Most of my clients have digestive issues and gut problems. In fact, it's epidemic. If you have discomfort when you eat, problems in your elimination (diarrhea or constipation), skin problems, and low-energy, I will almost guarantee you that a change in your way of eating IS absolutely essential. If you work with me as your Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach we'll take a look at where your energy (food and drink) comes from FIRST, and then we look at all the other lifestyle factors. Eliminating GMO foods is at the top of the change list.  Need to know what those foods/food ingredients are? Click here for your free Quick Start Guide: How to Shop if You’re Avoiding GMOs.

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Be Well - Carol