These Diva's have kicked butt and taken no prisoners, health-wise!  :)  Maybe you should join them!

"My weight went back down to what it was at the beginning of the school year, refrigerator is full for the first time in my life, all of the food is what I now eat normally but I used to snack a lot more.  When I felt the urge to snack I realize it was because I had not eaten my meal. I've started eating regularly and I'm less agitated and fatigued when I get home. I now enjoy cooking, being a mom, and sharing time with my son, Devon. I've learned to plan ahead with shopping and meals. This is not how I had been living before, and eating and living this way has been great."  - Karla, single mom and art teacher, creative genius  

"I've got more energy than I've had in year, feel more positive and more in control of my health. I've also lost 8 pounds, my skin and hair looks so much better and I've learned lots more options for healthy and flavorful cooking." - Linda, in-her-50's-looks-and-feels-a-lot-younger

Diva Update from Camille: (Camille is a measurer, and that's her thing. I don't advocate this, but she's very goal/results oriented and she's an AMAZING painter). "2 weeks: 9 pounds lost, 10" overall. I love the freshly made dressings and the fermented foods that I've added, and the avocado daily is a big plus - I didn't realize they were such a healthy food.  I'm fine with the taste of the stevia when I need "sweet" and I've found I'm not craving sweet things now.  It's also great to reach for my cold green tea in the refrigerator - I've infused mine with raspberries.  I'm also extremely proud of myself for completely resisting everything not on the program. I simply kept reminding myself "It's not worth it!"  My hubby Todd has been drinking the green smoothies with me in the mornings and loves it.  Our favorite is the spinach/blueberry/cinnamon or the beet/celery/apple/blueberry/ginger."

"I've definitely noticed that I'm slimmer. I also don't get stomach aches or feel bloated after eating anymore. I've been able to ignore the bad food at work, and it was definitely challenging to watch my fiancé eat mac and cheese last night, but I stayed strong." - Joanie, 29

"It's definitely affected my lifestyle positively in every way and I've lost 9 pounds!" - Margaret, 49

"Overall positive changes I've seen from the Diva Detox: I lost 8.5 pounds, my skin looks great! I have tons of energy. I’ve been told I look like I am “aging in reverse!” 

I am more aware of cutting out sugar, but have a healthy balance so I don’t feel deprived. I have found substitutes for grains like pasta by cutting veggies into spirals and adding tomato sauce. I also started making kale chips to satisfy the crunchy salty cravings. Another practice I have taken up is relaxation time, a hot bath with Epsom salts and deep breathing/meditation. To everyone considering this program: Carol’s Diva Detox program delivers on its promises. After 6 weeks following the program, I have discovered the importance of making time for self-care, experimented with new and delicious foods and recipes,and gained confidence in my ability to take on a challenge.  Bonus for me was losing 8.5 pounds!" - Lisa, mom, health coach, nutritionist, food community activist 

"I have a lot more energy, less yawning (!), and better sleep. The facial appearance of my skin has been improving, and the loss of 10 pounds wasn’t too shabby either!  I'm not worried about my health now, I cook more and make better food choices. I've loved getting creative with cooking and combinations, and finding some fun stuff at Whole Foods!" - Cathy, traveling musician, awesome woman

"This has met so many of my needs and I'm so grateful! More energy, weight-loss, better skin (less dry, less breakouts), bloating gone!" - Lynette, busy woman with a full time job

"Tuesday, I was kind of like, 'I can't do this anymore' and then I just decided 'we've got this thing!' (her hubby is doing it with her.) I feel great, we haven't been tired or hungry, and I've had plenty of energy through my day." - Amy, very active mom

"Thank you! The material always is inspiring, so I keep on reading and learning about nutrition and myself and my body. Food has been a source of satisfaction for me ever since I was a child, it is therefore quite difficult to get rid of the 'I need a treat' idea, and difficult to change to new and more healthier treats. Since we always need to eat, it is a more difficult addiction to overcome, more difficult than stopping smoking I believe (which I did, too). Anyhow, one step at a time and one day at a time. I am in this for the long haul, meaning that I want a lifestyle change, not only a four week program. It will take a change of my mind first and foremost, one bit at a time."  - Anya, mom of 2, empty nester

"My eating habits have changed for the better, I've lost weight and I'm no longer waking up puffy. I've learned how to plan my shopping and meals and I feel more confident about myself. Since I've been on the detox, I haven't had to take any meds for my hernia, and my indigestion became less and less as I went along. No disappointments!"                                                                                                                                      - Lori Quinn, entrepreneur and juggler of all things

"I feel better overall - more rested, not hungry, and more positive moods. I have loved the veggies, both raw and cooked and all the shared recipes." - Peggy, Physical Therapist

"I've lost weight, my energy level is much better, and my skin is less dry and clearer. No more stomach bloating! I also love the benefits of cooking more at home." - Caryl,  musician, songwriter, best laugh

Carol as a Coach: 

 "Awesome, caring, informative!"        

"Supportive, relatable, knowledgeable, available."  

"Her weekly check-ins were great and she was a good cheerleader without being cheezy!"

"Proactive, focused, encouraging, real, connected."  

"Excellent!  I appreciated the motivational email, texts, Facebook entries and great handouts. I loved that she was available if I needed her." 

"Wonderful!  I was also thrilled that I was able to heal without antibiotics due to Carol."

"Carol is so encouraging and understanding, down-to-earth and positive. I always looked forward to her online sessions and phone calls every week - she knows her stuff!"

"As a coach, you were so caring and encouraging, and I really felt connected to the process and more than able to make these changes because of you."