Personal Training

I 've been a personal trainer for over twenty years. Several years ago I went to school at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN), for Holistic Health and Nutrition Coaching—and that added a whole new layer to what I know is true, and how I train and coach my clients! I work with most of my personal training clients in their home, and I bring my own equipment to make up for anything they may not have. I am also happy to train at your local gym if that is preferable. 

I do not have a one-size-fits-all approach to training—each client is unique! Part of my approach is an initial assessment of alignment, flexibility and strength. I also provide a complimentary health counseling session, which involves going over your health history, and discussing lifestyle issues, nutrition and personal health goals.  This is a very insightful process and has helped many of my clients articulate their needs, get inspired and become more hopeful about making changes!

If you’re looking for boot camp, that is not me! In fact, I really kind of hate it, and I've seen a lot of people get injured trying to work too hard. That doesn’t mean you’re going to leave a session feeling like you haven’t worked out, but I am more interested in helping my clients establish a habit of fitness and a mentality of healthy living that will last a lifetime!

Real progress comes slowly and safely, and the journey should actually be enjoyable! We will incorporate a variety of training techniques, i.e. yoga, Pilates, weight training, body weight training, core strengthening and balance. I approach joint and strength issues very carefully, and regularly interface with PT's and Docs. Plus, I'm a stickler for form. My clients are varied, from beginners to more average exercisers, post-op and post-rehab clients, teenagers, seniors, individuals suffering from disease of the nervous system and muscular rigidity, to busy moms and dads. Contact me and let's get started!