My Philosophy

I believe that the human body is amazing, that its natural state is one of whole well being, and that it gravitates in this direction unless we hinder its ability to do so. I specialize in assisting my clients to improve their eating habits and levels of physical activity, as well as increasing their personal satisfaction overall. I believe that being your best you begins with food and physical wellness, but includes your mental health and is affected greatly by such lifestyle factors as stress management, the quality of personal and professional relationships you engage in, and major life changes you have previously or may currently be experiencing.

My goal is not only to educate my clients on implementing healthier choices when it comes to diet and exercise, but also to consider how the world around us affects these choices daily. With this knowledge and understanding, I seek to empower my clients in developing balance and structure to create healthy habits.

When people hear I'm a health coach and a personal trainer, they’re often curious about my take on current food controversies, fad diets, supplements and, if we’re having lunch together, they automatically start making apologies for what they’re eating, as if I’m the diet police! “You mean you have desert? Aren't you supposed to be healthy?" I welcome conversations like this because it’s an opportunity to encourage others to find that “sweet spot,” where balance is maintained and daily habits are developed that support health and wholeness. Perfection is to be avoided!  If you want a piece of amazing chocolate cake once in a while, then go for it! And pass me a fork too! I find that most people intuitively know what choices to make for their well being, and my desire is to help you tap into that knowledge, and give you the tools and support you need to step out and do it!