Guest Speaking Topics

Changing the Mirror Image - Changing your life begins with changing your mind. Carol shares what influences our thoughts, feeling and actions and gives effective strategies to change our destiny.

The Mother-Daughter Relationship - The power of attitudes, words and actions in defining self-image for the next generation.

The Courageous Intentional Life - Using core values to live purposely. Great for teens & young adult audiences.

Look World, No Hands! Finding Freedom By Letting Go - Moving away from past hurts and disappointments into wholeness. Carol helps us look within to unlock our potential for a lifetime of courageous living.

Healthy Eating for Life: A Wake-up Call - Your very life depends on the quality of fuel you put in your body. Learn why debilitating and life-threatening diseases, including cancer, heart disease and diabetes, are increasing at an alarming rate, in adults and children, and how you have the power to prevent them. This powerful presentation is simple, practical and will change the way you feed yourself and your families forever!

From Pain to Power: Transforming Your Life from the Inside Out - All positive and permanent life change begins with changing your inner programming. Carol helps listeners look honestly into their past and present and explains necessary steps to take that will help bring clarity, freedom and wholeness to each life.

On the Road to Beautiful: Traveling Tips for a Lifetime Journey - Specially for women, we dive into aging gracefully and what true beauty is.  

Energy for Life - What would your life be like if you had an abundance of energy and vitality? If you didn’t have the mid-day “lows” and cravings for caffeine and sugar?  Find out what sucks the life out of us and how we can make some simple changes to our lifestyle, eating and work habits that will fill our energy tanks up!

Don't Pressure Me: Body Image, Culture and Media - Identifying the influences of culture, media, peers and parents on self-esteem and body image. Carol helps listeners learn not only how to conquer negative messages, but to be healthy individuals in a cookie-cutter society. This talk can be modified for women, men, younger girls and teens, and mixed groups.

Body Image, Culture and Media: The Search for Honesty and Truth - Designed for college age and older audiences, Carol explores the roots of confusion in self-assessment and body image disturbances, and gives her listeners motivation to counter-cultural thinking regarding individuality, health, beauty and aging, and challenges us to begin to transform our culture now to impact future generations.

Straight Talk for Parents: Keys to Raising Healthy Happy Kids - No nonsense talk about the importance of healthy nutrition for growing bodies and optimal brain processing, the factors that impact our children's self-image and emotional health, and how parents play a crucial role in shaping kids into healthy adults.