"Carol was the keynote speaker at our “You Are Beautiful!” Sensaria Leadership Conference in Orlando.  Carol’s presentation was wonderful! She presents fitness and nutrition truths with passion and expertise, and inspired all the attendees at our annual conference to make changes to improve their long-term health.”- Melissa Soete, President, Sensaria

“Carol served as the keynote speaker as well as one of the panelists for “Stand Up! Stand Out!”, an event held for Vanderbilt sorority women aimed at promoting healthy body image and positive self-esteem. Prior to the program, I had a great time working with her; she was open to any new ideas and always willing to add what she could to the event.  At “Stand Up! Stand Out!”, she was completely open to sharing her unique perspective and really helped the girls in the audience to gain a better understanding of the importance of these issues, especially for college-aged women. Carol was such a great addition to the event, and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again!” -Whitney Baker, Chair of Stand Up! Stand Out!

“Carol, I have never had the privilege to meet you, but I wanted to send you a note and thank you for what you have been teaching the past two weeks. My daughter, Savannah, has bounced to the car the past two weeks, chattering endlessly about what she has learned in your class. I was so excited, because these are issues that I talk to her about constantly, but when she heard it coming from someone else, she couldn’t stop talking about it. Woo Hoo! Thank you for sharing your passion with my daughter!” -Lydia Smiley, Mother of workshop participant

“I want to congratulate you on a job well-done! Your presentation on nutrition was excellent and well received by the women present. I learned many helpful tips, my favorite being how to divide your plate into quarters. Thank you for all you do for the Parent’s Council of Nashville!” -Carolyn Dalton, President of Parent’s Council of Nashville

"Carol was one of our keynote speakers for the Spring Women's Retreat. What Carol shared with us was fresh, invigorating and full of truth. We received practical and life changing tools concerning keeping our bodies healthy." -Cherie Hammond, Coordinator Women's Ministries, Belmont Church

"At our “Gal’s Thang” event, Carol spoke on changing from the Inside out for vibrant health, and talked about the importance of having a positive self-image, exercising, and getting proper nourishment for our bodies – and the importance of our spiritual relationship with God. I left the presentation feeling very good about life and where I am at this time in my life. I felt an overwhelming joy in seeing all the gals that were participating in the light workout afterward that Carol led. They were from all levels of fitness and all ages. It made me feel great to leave that day knowing that Carol had made a difference in assisting both staff and clients with their decision to embark on a wellness program. I look forward to future opportunities for Carol to share her messages and ideas with members and staff. Thank you to Carol for sharing her lessons of life with this group." -Michelle Petrin, Senior Fitness Director Green Hills YMCA

"Everyone, from the teenagers to mothers and grandmothers, enjoyed your inspiring program! You provided practical advice for incorporating exercise and nutrition in our daily lives. The feedback was tremendous. We all felt that we could relate to one or more of the topics you covered. Whether it is teenagers dealing with body image or as simple as the importance of posture. Thank you for inspiring us!" -Temple Sisterhood

"Carol spoke to our group of women, like the big sister I never had. She spoke about the healthy components of a person who feels good about herself. She encouraged us to look in the mirror and give ourselves positive messages, especially when "the world" gives us negative and false images. She really addressed the whole person in regards to healthy eating, drinking water, exercise and taking care of one's spiritual side. -Amy Cooper, workshop participant

"Carol brought an exceptionally sound message of health and wholeness for our Christian walk. We are created in three parts - body, soul and spirit and Carol's teaching and life example touches on all areas of our life. You will leave after spending any time with Carol a different person - knowing God's "healthy" will for his already perfect design." - Michelle Major, Pastoral Staff, Tri-City Christian Center, Canton, MI

"This class was a great encouragement! Carol's knowledge of physical wellness and love of the Lord make this class like no other. It's filled with the best fitness facts as well as scripture and words of wisdom. I met and got to know several women. The bonds made in this class, sweating and laughing together, will last a lifetime. We still encourage each other with our smiles and friendship. I'm grateful for the things I've learned from Carol and love having lost a few pounds. I want to take this class again." -Vickie McKelvey, workshop participant

"In large conferences and small workshops alike, Carol Frazier's humor, uncommon good sense, and materials bring light to issues of great interest to Christian men and women alike - Godly living in the current of ungodly culture. She helps us laugh at things that make us cry in private, but brings light and hope to areas that are common struggles. Carol's hands-on workshops give simple steps to encourage people to take positive action to reclaim their lives for Christ. I highly recommend Carol's workshops and seminars." -Casey Smith Baluss, Ed.D., Pastor, Belmont Church, Nashville, TN

"We all need a little advice, encouragement and mentoring along our way. Carol Frazier's program was all this and more. I found her information extremely valuable, common sense mixed with expert wisdom. Carol's warm personality and disciplined lifestyle actually challenge you to believe that you too can lead a healthy life with just a few tweaks and changes. Her choice piece of advice that sunk in with me? Drinking lots of water, lots of water... not only flushing out the impurities and aiding in feeling full and weight loss, but hydrating our skin. I have extremely dry skin and it never occurred to me to hydrate, moisturize if you will, from the inside out! Thanks Carol, I'm flake-free this winter." -Julie Hunt, Author & Public Speaker

"We were blessed to have Carol Frazier speak at our first annual MTV: The Real Deal! Event (an event for mothers and college-bound daughters). Our intent was to provide both mothers and daughters education and practical advice to deal with a variety of issues as they enter college (i.e. media/body image, self-defense, date-rape, eating disorders, dating/boundaries, and sexually transmitted diseases).  Carol co-taught the plenary session called: Waiting, Dating and Contemplating. Carol was able to provide very specific and practical tools/tips for young women as they prepare for adulthood. She was engaging, honest, and thorough. This combination made her easy to listen to and provided tangible ways for young women to be better able to make healthy life choices in the future. I just wish I had her to listen to when I was a teenager! We look forward to her returning to our event next year and hope to create a longer break out session so she can have even more time and opportunity to help our young women." -Renée Rizzo, Executive Director, Hope Clinic for Women

"Carol’s Keynote address for our organization’s 2004 Design Conference (Tennessee Interior Design Coalition), was awesome! She was motivating, accepting and funny. Her mixture of evidence-based finding and real-life anecdotes presented a true balanced point of view. Her presentation, “The Sane and Simple: Finding Freedom and Balance through the Seven Essential Components of Vital Health”, was a true gift to our organization and to me personally. Her total commitment to health and balance influences me constantly. I can’t thank her enough!" -Katherine Setzer, Enterprise Resource Group

"I just wanted to drop a note of “thanks” for all you did to make the Women’s Conference such a great success! Your vulnerability was so engaging, and I loved what you said about God not needing miserable, jaded adults to inhabit the planet!! How true, and what a clarion call to us all to get past our “stuff” and live Beauty and God’s love now!" -Blair Morgan

"Thank you so much for coming to Creative Child Center to discuss health and nutrition with the kids. This topic is so important and we are very grateful that you took the time to do your program with our children. They thoroughly enjoyed it!" -Nancy Lipson, Director, Creative Child Center

"Carol was outstanding in leading our ladies retreat! Here “On the Road to Beautiful:  Traveling Tips for a Lifetime Journey” just met all of us where we live. Her thoughtful and creative presentation of the aging and body image issues women face, and her practical and encouraging strategies for living fully, was so needed and loved by all.  She was a wealth of information—so knowledgeable about our body's health and nutrition, skincare, make-up tips—and integrated all with reminders and encouragement of how God designed us to live. She is so easy to be with and fun!" -Ann Roberts, Head of Women’s Ministries at Christ Community Church, McMinnville, TN