Detox Divas & Dudes

Come join me on a journey to the best skin, hair and health of your life, shed pounds and toxins and get a new outlook on health!  See why my clients love this super healthy-eating cleanse and reboot that's easily incorporated into daily activities, affordable, effective and motivating for life!

It's time to get body and soul ready for a brand new healthy start! Detoxification is one of the best things we can to do improve our lives! Because our guts are sensitive to yeast and bacteria imbalance, these situations are easily created: bloat, moodiness, headaches, poor skin and excess weight. Add the pressure to look great and be productive, and you've got a LOT of emotional stress and toxicity!

Let's face it and do something about it! Our bodies were simply not designed to share space with what constitutes modern eating and living - substances and lifestyles that decrease our vitality and clarity, mess with our chemistry, inhibit our ability to control weight, and compromise our bodies' ability to fight disease. When we are living out of harmony with our bodies' real needs, we diminish our own true beauty, strength, purpose and quality of life. The Detox Diva & Dudes program will awaken the glow within and bring it to the surface! 

What you can expect from this program:

  • Weight loss
  • Better sleep
  • Firming and tightening of the skin
  • Increased circulation that makes you glow
  • Increased daily energy
  • Decreased mood swings
  • Greater sense of well being and happiness

What you should NOT expect on this program:

  • Giving up chocolate - Dark chocolate is a part of the program!
  • Exercising yourself to death - Your body will be putting extra energy into cleansing and healing!
  • Abstaining from alcohol - A glass of red wine is perfectly acceptable (daily!)
  • Giving up fat and yumminess - These are essential!
  • Being hungry - You will have plenty of real food to eat and be perfectly satisfied!

If you're ready for a challenge to change your life for the better NOW, not later when you can get around to it, contact me! This is the year for YOU - your most healthy and confident self!

We meet as a group the first and last week of the workshop (out of town, we do it on line!), with all in-between sessions in the form of motivational audio files with handouts, sent directly to your inbox at the beginning of each week. You'll also have weekly check-in's with me! All group sessions will be recorded for the benefit of those who are not in Nashville, so no one has to miss out!

The first week is just a time to get familiar with the simple handbook and to plan ahead, then your food plan starts the second week of the program and ends before the last "wrap-up: week. Vibrant health is not NOT just about food, so we'll be addressing many areas of life to bring us back into balance and peace. This is the easiest and most effective way you can jump-start your new healthy life!

What does it cost?

Normal Pricing is $165 for this transformative experience. Early bird pricing is $135! Further discount for groups are available, just ask! And if a gal pal joins with you, you'll only pay $110. That's about $20/week for a complete health makeover. 

Ask yourself what your best health is worth to you! How much would you pay for vibrant health and amazing results? Many of us spend more money of coffee in six week's time. This is a program to change your thoughts, feelings and actions about eating and lifestyle FOREVER. I am there as your Health Coach every step of the way, and together we will get this done! Space is limited in each workshop and I urge to join as soon as possible to reserve your space.