The season of Brotherly & Sisterly Love--join me!

The Holidays can be wonderful and joyous times to be together and count our many blessings, but they also bring their own stressors:  family "togetherness" tension, the exhaustion of over-scheduled calendars, increased financial stress, guilt and remorse about the expectations of others, and deep sadness and grief that is overwhelming for some around us.  As we go about our daily work and social interactions, let's keep our eyes open to see those who need comfort, whetherencouraging words, a family meal, a handwritten note, a kind and knowing look ("I see you") or maybe a big hug.  In being present and open to the needs of others--not expecting to receive, but to give--the season becomes more magical and meaningful! 

candlelit mat class.jpg

The Winter Season is always a reminder to slow down, and take the time to create space for quiet reflection, restoration, awareness of breath, focusing on gratefulness and the honoring of the true needs of our body, soul and spirit.  If you're in Nashville, join me for a special candle-lit Bodyworks Winter Solstice Mat Class on Thursday December 15th, 6-7pm at the Shelby Park Nature Center. Call to reserve your spot: 615.862.8539,  space is limited!  We'll have some healthy nibbles and raise a glass to the season--after workout, of course!.... In lieu of a class fee, please bring nicely used warm coats, scarfs and gloves for our homeless brothers and sisters! I would love to connect with you--Feel free to reach out and contact me here   Be Well!--Carol