Pregnant Mamas, Please Don't Do Bootcamp!

Pregnancy + Bootcamp = NEVER!

One of my great joys for many years has been teaching a VERY early morning mat class 2 days a week at my local YMCA. Many of the same fabulous women who began with me are still there, and yes we do all drag ourselves in there at 6am. But by 7am we are bright and ready to take on the day, feeling strong, stretched, oxygenated and energized! The great thing is then we’re DONE with fitness for the day, off to other things -like work. : ) Last week I had a new student who came up to me before class started to let me know she was 20 weeks pregnant and would appreciate any adaptations that she should make. First of all, she’s one smart cookie who cares about her health and her baby, and second, she’s picked the right class because I major in giving modifications and love helping all my students have a successful and safe workout. 

My pregnant mama did great during the class and there were several times I helped her adapt positions and checked in to make sure she was okay. As we were putting equipment away, she thanked me for my help, and also told me that being pregnant was making her scared about her weight and body. She expressed frustration with not knowing how to best exercise and eat because of all the conflicting information coming from different directions. (I understand, I’ve birthed three kids and it’s not easy to cope!) She’d done Boot Camp her first semester, but stopped when she realized she was hungry all the time.  

Seriously folks, being hungry all the time is only half the story. What about all those stress hormones coursing through the mom and growing baby’s veins? Not only that, but there is much greater risk to joints because of a changing center of balance, and a greater risk of direct abdominal trauma, falling or injury. Straining to handle heavy weights causes increased intra-abdominal pressure which could cause uterine contractions or rupture of the membranes surrounding the uterus. There’s also greater risk of becoming dehydrated and decreased blood flow to the uterus. Very Intense exercise IS NOT what pregnant women need! It's way too much for mom, and the baby needs the extra energy used  by this demanding workout to grow and develop.  

If this is you, please don't listen to the cascade of voices that tell you to be worried about your weight or that you should be afraid you'll never "get your body back" after birth. Pregnancy is never a time to diet and feel like you're working out just to work off calories, nor is ANY time for that matter! You have a little human being growing inside you that needs healthy foods, lots of water, balanced metabolic activity (that means eating, rest, work, stretching, moderate cardio, strengthening, breathing, sleeping, and all in good measure), and a peaceful, hopeful and happy mama host - not one consumed with worry about not working out hard enough, and "what does that freaking scale say today?!"  

healthy pregnancy eating.jpg

If you're loving your body, eating and drinking healthy, and taking care of yourself in every way, weight will not be an issue EVER. And yes, you'll take off the extra weight later - again, the healthy way - and your body may be a little different, but still va-va-voom! Let yourself enjoy this time, it's precious for you and the babe in so many ways!  And please, don't punish yourself for being pregnant!

One of the best things about training one-on-one is that I’m privileged to help someone do things the right way avoiding injury and chronic problems that develop because of improper form, core instability, over-stressing of joints and lack of balance.  I’m also trained to adapt exercises for different fitness levels as well as physical circumstances, and I’m constantly learning from my students and clients—as well as PTs and Doctors that I come into contact with through my practice.  I’d love to help you learn and become stronger, better and healthier!  If you need help knowing how to eat and exercise, so that you wake up energized and feeling healthy every morning - whether you're pregnant or not - contact me

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