The BOSS 360

This special all-inclusive program is for my business owners and CEO’s that are ready to not only take charge of their own health, but also create a health-conscious environment at the office!  

We all know how insurance rates are affected by our own health outcomes, but as a business owner those costs can become exorbitant!  Many insurance companies now offer reduced group rates to those who are able to manage their company's healthcare costs, and focusing on preventing disease before it happens is the smartest and best way to lower your insurance bills!

I understand how difficult it is to carve out time for yourself, your family and your job. As your Health Coach, I will show you how to incorporate exercise and healthy eating painlessly into your busy schedule. I'll also teach you how to make lifestyle changes that will help you manage stressors more effectively, so they don't affect your work, health and happiness! Together, we'll find ways to put more energy into your life! This program also includes a monthly Lunch-n-Learn for your staff to help them become healthier, more productive on the job, and find more energy for work and play than they've ever experienced. The atmosphere around your company will be more focused, positive and happier all the way around – 360!

The BOSS 360 includes:

  • Six 1-hour personal training sessions per month; I'll get you in-and-out, putting you through an effective and time saving workout, tailored to your unique needs and concerns; Sessions are in home, at the office or a convenient gym location
  • Two 1-hour Health Coaching sessions per month, in person or via Skype, and recaps of each session with motivational hand-outs to keep you focused on your health goals
  • Email or phone support between sessions
  • One 45-minute Lunch-n-Learn session per month for your office; I'll cover a variety of integrated wellness topics, engaging and motivating your staff to embrace health and self-care

This program WILL change your life and the lives of those you work with! Your first introduction session is free. 

The Boss 360 Program Cost:  $600 per month with a 3-month commitment; $550 per month with a 6-month commitment; the 3-month program must be paid up front, the 6-month program can be divided into 2 payments.