Do you spend too much time worried about the number on a scale or a certain body part?  Is it difficult not to compare yourself to other women, wishing you could be them instead of you?  Is “dieting” and deprivation just the norm?

I know all about self-loathing and the endless striving for “perfection” that drives so many women to have an adversarial relationship with food and themselves - because I’ve been there! When I finally reached the end of my rope and sought help, the knowledge and self-acceptance I gained took me to a whole new place of wholeness and healing, and that’s what I’m here to help you find! 

In my eight week LiveLoveEat workshop, we take a look at our past and the present; at the unhealthy messages we’ve internalized about ourselves, our relationship with food, and how we view the world. We consider all the factors that affect our physical bodies, emotional well-being and how well we care for ourselves and others. Each session contains body work on the matt too! One of my greatest passions is using what I’ve learned in my health journey to help other women love their bodies and create a fabulous relationship with food and life!