"Having a health condition that caused me extreme fatigue, I felt like I was stuck in this endless cycle. No energy to do anything, and although I knew something needed to change I just didn't know how to go about initiating it. I reached out to Carol after hearing about her through a friend. My favorite thing about Carol is her genuine concern for my well being. The fact alone she put in effort to look into my medical history and the ailments I have gave me great confidence in the whole process. I have to say just over a month later, I have done everything she has suggested (some of which I would have no clue about on my own) and I could not be happier. I noticed an increase in my energy levels and overall I feel great. The 15 pounds I've lost has just been an awesome bonus in this journey. "  - Jennifer T.

"Carol Frazier has long been a long-time trusted professional and friend who has spoken dietary health, physical exercise, and much other valuable advice to me. I find her unusual in that she has an eye for detail, finding aspects which though small at the time, prove workable and important in the long span. For one example, I used to have chronic insomnia, most of it caused by my own bad dietary habits, but some by deep-seated emotional pain that I hadn't been in touch with for years. Carol immediately identified both areas of conflict and gave me important steps towards ridding my life of this problem. Within a few days, I slept for the first time all night long. I recommend her highly!"  - John D. 

"It was a great experience working with Carol. I have a digestive disorder, Crohn's Disease, and was looking for guidance to introduce and try new foods. Even though you think you are eating good foods, it doesn't mean those foods are necessarily good choices for your body. Everyone is different in how they can digest certain foods. She taught me combination eating with certain food groups to make it easier to digest. I learned how to focus and listen to my body when eating certain foods and how it made me feel. She enhanced my choices of foods greatly with foods I thought I would never be able to eat again. I haven't had a salad in 10 years and now I am eating salads using baby spinach!!! Yay!!! What I thought fascinating was not only is she concerned with my food choices, but also how my lifestyle could be effecting my body. One of the biggest things I learned from Carol ss to take time for myself daily. That was the hardest thing for me to do, but yet it seems so simple to take 5 minutes out of the day to practice deep breathing and stretching, and de-stress. I am still challenged by that 5 minutes but, I find that it is easier and my body and mind feel more confident and rested. The several months working with Carol was definitely rewarding during our journey. I'm still in the process of healing my mind, body and spirit with the tools she gave me on this experience and I appreciate her gift." - Amanda O.

"After working with Carol, I am happy to say I am just about completely headache-free! I really didn't believe it was possible as I have suffered from severe migraines since I was in middle school. I have been on tons of daily and preventative prescriptions, as well as over-the-counter drugs attempting to get some relief. When I contacted Carol I was going on my second full week of headaches all day everyday. I was stuck in a horrible, painful, mind-numbing cycle. I kept thinking something in my body is off. I called Carol and she was so thorough. She asked me about my health history, my daily activities, my supplements, and lots of other things relating to the balance of body and mind. Afterwards, we came up with a plan and I got to work. I eliminated a lot of things and added a few. One thing I was impressed by, and that was different from the way most people prescribe "help", is that I didn't buy a bunch of stuff to fix my problem. I mostly eliminated or tweaked things. Over all, I am thrilled! I've also noticed that when I eat differently or change something dramatically, my headaches will return. I really see now that everything we do in a day, everything we eat and drink or consume, any exercise we participate in, our attitude, how we sleep, and many other body functions affect overall health. Simply by adhering to some simple no-nonsense practices, I am feeling rejuvenated. Oh yeah, and I almost forgot to say I lost 6 lbs. too. Thanks Carol! What a blessing."  --Krissy J.