90 Day Energy ReCharge

This program is for you if: You’re sick of your relationship with junk food and want to break up! You need more energy without buying $5.00 coffee drinks twice a day! You can set your watch daily to that 3pm energy crash. You are over it and ready to change unhealthy habits for good! 

Many people I know depend on sugar, coffee and energy drinks to get through their day, and I’ve been there before too! But I know it’s a “false energy” that is non-nutritional and ultimately wears out the adrenals, weakens the immune system and ruins metabolism. 

We think we’re really getting somewhere but we’re just getting worn out! And forget about a good night’s sleep without interruption, it’s impossible. 

The most important thing that we need the to recharge our batteries alludes us, because we have been over-stimulated and undernourished. Our bodies are whacked! This program is designed to lead you to a place where you wake up each morning rested, energized and ready to let the world know you’re up!

Results you can expect:

  • A huge increase in your natural energy level so you can enjoy life to the max!
  • Kissing that sugar habit goodbye!
  • Finally lose those unwanted pounds!

As a participant you will:

  • Discover delicious nutrient-dense and energy-giving foods that are quick and easy to prepare
  • Deconstruct your cravings and learn how to manage them without relying on artificial stimulants
  • Gain a greater understanding of how food and mood are connected
  • Explore how your job, relationships and self-care is affected by your energy level
  • Learn effective time management to relieve stress, over-commitment and rushing that hinders self-care
  • Retrain your thoughts to develop a more positive can-do attitude

Your personalized program includes:

  • Six 1 hour coaching sessions, 2x per month to address goals, review strategies and maintain accountability
  • Follow-up assessments after each session
  • Delicious recipes that are easy to prepare and so yummy
  • My Hidden Sugar List that helps you recognize sugar on food labels and in many common food items
  • My Healthy Snacks Checklist to match up with your cravings with the healthiest foods
  • Email support to answer any questions you have along the way

90 Day Energy ReCharge Total Program Cost: $450.