Something Better = Something Different

Change or die.  There really is no alternative.  At the cellular level, we're changing all the time: cells die and they reproduce, with no awareness on our part. My goodness, in one year you'll have a completely different skin!  In much the same way the world keeps turning, although so slowly we can’t perceive it and we of course we can’t control it.  Change happens - and we can either go with the flow,or resist at our own peril.

But what about the changes we can control, the "how we think, feel, what we say and do" changes, the ones that either bring life or death to our relationships, physical health, community and workplace?  These are the really tough changes, and they can be painful - although perhaps not as painful as staying stuck in a place that isn't working for us anymore.  Discomfort can be a great catalyst.

Making these changes takes willpower, persistence, patience, in fact everything our culture is not a big fan of.  This is America! The land of convenience, immediate gratification, plastic surgery, Prozac, “lose 10 pounds in 10 days," and instant celebrity.  It’s easy to get lulled into laziness, an attitude that derails our health, sabotages our marriages and other relationships, and puts our careers and goals on the slow boat to China.  

Attitude. Mindset. Thoughts. World View. These are the interior spaces where change is born or buried, and only we are responsible for our lives and the thoughts that create them.  Trying to change other people is really exhausting, isn't it?  And usually fruitless,  so why not shift our energy toward higher purposes?  Like creating a life we really want to live!   Key insights from the blending of psychology and neurosciences show that by choosing the thoughts we hang on to and the ones we let go of, we can establish permanent new thought patterns, transforming our lives from the inside-out: emotionally, spiritually and physically.  Good news, you're not stuck!  Through the power of intention, or mindfulness, the glass half-empty can really become a glass half-full! 

Habitual thought patterns are like the tire tracks in a muddy road.  The mind naturally slips into them, and it takes focused effort to steer one’s mental energy in a different direction.  Those tire tracks are your default position-- I have mine, we all do. They're the culmination of our family of origin, our past experiences, our social environment and present circumstances.  But don’t we really want a new and better framework from which we see ourselves and the world?  Without changing something, that just won't happen - we can make the choice to speak life to ourselves and to others, and to act in ways that bring renewed vitality and joy into our own lives and the world around us--we can all be life-changers, starting with our own lives!

make your own road.jpg

So what’s your first step?  Make a decision.  Decide to live intentionally, not haphazardly, and take aim at something! What kind of person do you want to be, what characteristics or virtues do you admire, how healthy do you want your body and life to be?  Go ahead and write your thoughts and goals down, tape pictures and inspiring words on the fridge or your bathroom mirror, and refocus your mind on being the person you want to be.  Visualizing the changes you want to make can help you see yourself walk them out.  Just like a professional athlete getting ready for a big event, you're getting ready to WIN!  Refocus your mind on those thoughts every day and commit to act and speak in ways that re-affirm your intentions.  

Next step?  Don’t procrastinate any more-- just do it, and now!  To arrive at something better, you have to do something different.... And that will involve action.  It's impossible to learn any new skill or develop new habits without consistent effort daily.  And we're talking about small changes,  small decisions, and all adding up over time - not huge leaps all at once!  Experience tells us that doesn't work long-term. Real change takes time.  If we want to change the path we're on,  we have to steer in a different direction and keep our hands on the wheel!

Your WILL creates the right ACTIONS, leading to your best RESULT.

You may already know that change can be threatening to others who have found solace in the old you-- and then there’s always the struggle against the tide of culture!  So be prepared for resistance, and decide on the front end how you want to handle it.  Don't expect an easy ride--there will be bumps and a few unexpected curves, and you just might run off the side of the road at times. That's ok!  Give yourself grace when that happens, but get right back on your determined path, and never let yourself lose sight of where you're headed!  Just as your muscles can’t get any stronger without the stress of resistance, your willpower won’t get any stronger unless you exercise it!  Instead of telling yourself I won’'t  or I can’t  try this:  I WILL  make better choices in what I eat, I WILL make time for exercise this week, I WILL be a better friend, a more loving spouse, a more effective employee, a more compelling leader.  It's a pattern that will become your new habit.  What are your "I Will's" ?  Declare it! Do it! See it!

I’m always ready for change in areas of my life, and if you’re reading this I’ll bet you are too.  I think together, we can create something much different and much better, in our own lives and the world!

Would you share this today with a friend that may need some encouragement?  Maybe they're in a place where they have given up trying and just need to know ALL things are POSSIBLE!

Be Well- Carol  

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